27 August 2006

A brief word of caution:

Think before you speak, especially in another language.

Our waitress at Chez Vernaise last night (a restaurant in the 5ème, housed in a building once inhabited by Ernest Hemingway) was highly amused when I tried to order a "box of water" instead of a bottle. Whoops...it's hard to think on your feet sometimes!


Noah said...

That's hilarious

Halley said...

Hey, boite and bouteille are totally similar. Kind of.

Noah said...

I'd probably say something in broken french

Grandpa said...

What if you had asked for a "box of wine?" Grandpa

Noah said...

Well, then she might come off as a little more French, lol

Halley said...

I'm pretty sure the french are way beyond boxed wine...

Anonymous said...

Boite and bouteille are different.
For exemple, u'd rather say :
- bouteille d'eau ( bottle of water)
- boite de chocolats ( can of chocolats)

And for beverages packed in rectangular boxes, u'd rather say :
- brique de lait ( carton of milk)
- brique de jus d'orange ( carton of orange juice)

and water is usually packed in a bottle and not in a carton. To say " boite d'eau" is pretty weird. That what probably made the waitress laugh.

Anyway, your website is great !