27 September 2006

Class was really really hard to be in yesterday. Class itself wasn't hard – it never is, but the 4 hours seemed to stretch for at least 19. By 13h I was so antsy I ended up wandering the city for about 2 hours "on my way home" instead of taking the Metro back to the 10ème.

This is where you buy the best falafel in the world. Apparently Lenny Kravitz agrees, because there are pictures of him with the owners on various visits all over the walls. I couldn't walk by without getting one to walk with myself. The man who made my sandwich told me I was a "nice little girl."

Rue des Rosiers has been a center of the Jewish quarter since the 1800s. Those are the same cobblestones.

This is where I found the closest thing to bagels in Paris. Even though they're more just like round bread with poppyseeds, they're still pretty good. Thank you Sacha.

A movie set I found near Place de la Republique.

This is why driving in Paris is terrifying – bikes, scooters, trucks and cars all occupy the same space. There are no lanes – it pretty much becomes every man for himself.

I just thought this was pretty.

Canal Saint Denis

This guy is a dork – these bubble scooters are pretty much the pansiest way to get around Paris – and yet tons of guys have them. No women though, the women all ride regular scooters.

Tent city on the Canal Saint Denis – a few blocks from our September apartment.

Living space of the September apartment – yes, it's a little cramped!

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Becky Young byseabury@yahoo.com said...

Thank you for the street scenes. I especially like the second one.