01 September 2006

This morning, R and I woke up early to pack our belongings and check out of La Manufacture. We dressed nicely, organized all our documents, withdrew 400 euro cash between us and hopped a metro to Oberkampf to make our apartment appointment (the nice one above the fruit stand).

When we arrived, there was a line of maybe 10 professionally-dressed young people, and the line only grew as we waited in it.

We were ushered up a set of windy stairs to a perfect apartment – spacious, well-lit, hardwood floors everywhere...and still for only 1045 euro/month. The agent giving the tours stopped R and I before we made it past the entry hall.

Apparently, the landlord will not rent to students. It would have been nice if the agency had told us this on the phone.

Now we are combing the Internet for more options. We just called 10 from a phone booth – none had anything for us. We paid our hotel bill this morning, thinking we'd either be moving in or finding a cheap hostel to live in. I don't know what else we can do. Our only option is to stay in a hostel and just keep looking.

Updates to come.


Cordelie said...

oh man, im so sorry!!! Maybe you should just buy a tent!

Noah said...

aw man, that sucks