13 September 2006

Here are a few pictures of the interior of Sciences Po. I have no words today.

This is at 56 rue des Saints Pères, the building where I'll be spending most of my September. Everything is so old.

This is the courtyard at 56 rue des Saints Pères. Between this building and 27 rue Saint Germain is the grassy and tree-filled courtyard pictured two posts back.

This is a typical classroom. Note the walls.

The same classroom.

You can see part of the foliage of the main courtyard here.

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Aunt Penny said...

Hi miss halley.
I am just catching up on the blogs. I have pepper spray for the dogs, but haven't been able to use it. I might be able to spray a man though. I love reading about your adventures and I will not wear my I LOVE PARIS t-shirt when I visit you. How about Boston has the best beans? Will I stand out?